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Janel: Busy

Holdrege, Nebraska—It’s another kind of busy at this time of year. Winding down from harvest is quite the change. Moving out of the camper, getting it winterized and then moving back into the house is a lot of work. The past few days I’ve settled up with farmers and done a lot of organizing.

There is always so much to do. I’ve washed pickups, trucks and grain trailers. Changing engine oil in the trucks is next on the list. I’ve been busy trying to hire a crew for next season. We’ve got three guys here working full-time. I’ve also been busy with driver training and CDL testing when I get a chance.

I’ve got a nephew and a niece playing high school basketball. Sunder is a sophomore at Holdrege and Sophia is a freshman at Loomis. I enjoy going to their games in the wintertime.

We had one combine harvesting milo and corn here this past week. That job is now finished and I think all of the combines are parked now. We’ve got trucks hauling cornstalk bales and grain. When the roads are clear we spend a lot of time trucking. Our forecast is sunny with highs in the 40s. I enjoy this time of year and love my winters in Nebraska.

Janel Schemper can be reached at janel@allaboardharvest.com.

Thank you to our 2023 All Aboard Fall Harvest sponsors: High Plains Journal, Unverferth Manufacturing Co., Inc., Pivot Bio, T-L Irrigation, ITC Holdings, Corp., Trail King, and U.S. Custom Harvesters, Inc. 

Power washing a combine Nov. 18. (Photo by Carlene Schemper.)
I love washing trucks. (Photo by Carlene.)
Washing a truck is quick work when you’ve got good help. Employee candidates can apply online at www.SchemperHarvesting.com thanks! (Photo by Carlene.)
This truck was just washed and now it’s nice and shiny again! I love clean trucks!
CDL testing is one of my jobs.
Changing tires in our shop.
Hauling cornstalk bales.
Getting loaded with bales.
A load of bales.
Early morning truck driving. Such a pretty sky!
Our crew loved the new AAFH t-shirts. Thank you HPJ and AAFH.
Thank you sponsors!
The last corn field to pick.
Equipment that is washed and parked for now.
Here was my mom driving truck Nov. 15. Thanks, Mom, for all you’ve done and do for Schemper Harvesting. You are so amazingly talented and appreciated way more than you know!
It’s beginning to look like Christmas!
Nice lights! I love this time of year! Happy Holidays everyone!
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