A glitch in the plan

Emma checks in to update us on the end of fall harvest up north. The Misener family recently found themselves dealing with the unexpected.

The Misener household has been very busy and hectic since my last post.

We finished in Rock Rapids, Iowa, and Canton, S.D on the same day. The corn was a great crop this year. It averaged 195 bushels per acre, 14-percent moisture and 57 pounds. Those are great results for the Rock Rapids area, and may be the best crop they’ve ever had.

We planned to move to Dell Rapids, S.D., but we found ourselves in a bit of a pickle.

October 27 Dad was going outside to get eggs from the other camper’s refrigerator for breakfast. He took a fall and landed on both of his knees and found he could not move his legs. We took him to Sioux Falls, S.D. to the emergency room where a lot of deliberating took place. The doctors couldn’t come to any conclusion why his legs wouldn’t work. Several tests later they found he had torn both his quadriceps tendons in his knees.

This injury is very uncommon, most of the time it only happens in one knee. He went into surgery the next morning to repair them. They put him in splints, or basically a half cast from his pelvis to around his heels wrapped with ACE bandages. He just got them removed last Thursday and is now in braces. He will have them until he is ready for physical therapy and has enough strength to walk. Dad is doing well thanks to Dr. Lee Burton, who has been fantastic – and the power of prayer from many friends and family.

This situation shifted a lot of things onto the back burner for a little while. Dan and I managed to get the combine to Dell Rapids and combined the last of the acres we had to do, and David and Verena hauled three wide loads half way home to Superior, Neb., so they are only a day away from home. Mom and Dad are still back at the hospital working things out.

The good Lord was with us because the weather completely cooperated and I think this could be the best fall harvest on record for South Dakota.

We did get Dad moved to a hotel in Sioux Falls and decided maybe we should stay a few weeks just to make sure everything goes smoothly. My sister Katie and her husband Tim came to help drive and make the trips go a little faster.

I believe it just goes to show that God knows exactly what he is doing and when to do it.

When Dad is able to be up and around again it will be time to prepare for summer harvest. I am hoping by the next time I check in I will be enjoying fantastic weather and sweet Oklahoma air.

Until then, be safe and God bless.


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