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Steph: Playing in the mud

We were skeptical for awhile that these rains would set in and never leave but leave us they have and we were finally able to get back in the field! We cut a sample around 3 p.m. this afternoon and got 13.5 percent moisture. Finally, good to go! The ground, however, is still very wet and filled with secret mud holes. These secret mud holes I speak of are hidden amongst the wheat so when you’re going, it’s going good until out of nowhere, you’re sunk. Without duals, we would still be sitting, waiting, and wishing.

Since the ground was wet, it made the straw damp which made it tough way too early. I suppose you could say a seven hour work day was a good way to break us back in since we’ve been out of commission for six days. Six long days. Thankfully our next stop (Lyons, Kan.) has been getting the same weather we have down here so our farmer isn’t too shook up yet.

It turns out I’m not the only crew member with jinx capabilities. My Dad was bragging the whole trip to Oklahoma that his air conditioner in our Peterbilt worked ever so well. He said that the air was so cold it would freeze you out. Let’s just say yesterday when it quit working, he was whistling a different tune.

SO-Helena, Okla.

Our trucks had to be parked on the road because once loaded, we wouldn’t have a prayer of getting them out of the field.

SO-Helena, Okla.

We love our duals, let me tell ya.

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