All Aboard Harvest | Steph: The circus moves on
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Steph: The circus moves on

Under normal circumstances, if someone were to tell you that they traveled through Kansas, Colorado, and Nebraska, you would think it took a long day (wide loads only go about 60mph on a good day).  But since St. Francis, Kan is in the very northwest corner of Kansas, our route north bound weaved in and out of the 3 states which eventually led us to our next stop in Big Springs, Neb. Whenever we travel, we always end up with a long caravan of a variation of vehicles behind us because of our speed deficiency. I like to call them our fans who just want to follow the circus along.

We finished in St. Francis, Kan. in the shortest amount of time in the last 3 years. Other years, the rain has set in and we are there for close to a month. We were in and out in a week and a half!

Quote of the Day: “I’m gonna go try get somethin’ done right, wrong, or otherwise!”

Harvest tip: As much as I like to think the vehicles following us on our travels are our fans, it is highly unlikely so when you see a big enough shoulder or big enough parking lot in a town, pull over and let them go by so they can actually go the speed limit.

SO-St. Francis, Kan.

Sunset on our last field in St. Francis, Kan.

SO-St. Francis, KS

Heel clicking on the border! And technically in 2 places at once since this is the border between Colorado and Kansas!

SO-St. Francis, KS

All loaded up and ready to head north.


Our AAWH crew photo. Get it? All Aboard? Train? Good! If it’s not obvious, we are the type of family that will pull over on the side of the road for a photo opp. This little caboose was parked just across the Nebraska border

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  • Sharon and Harry Drake
    Posted at 22:12h, 24 June

    Our 10 year old Grandson, Robert would love that caboose. he has been crazy for trains and all that goes with it since he was a few months old. not just for play,but he has learned a lot of how the trains work and all the parts of the engines. Harry got him the Thomas trains and he has track all over our house. We have had family on both sides that was involved in trains one way or another since trains came to America.So guess it is in his blood.
    That is nice you can stop and enjoy things along the way.
    My mothers Fathers Parents, were from pennsylvania and went to Edgar , Neb in the 1860’s. lived there for about 7 years, then moved to arapoe, Neb. for 2 years and then came to Kansas.We drove through Edgar few years ago so she could see what it might have been like. Did not have time to stay,but she enjoyed it. I want to go back to county seat and see what the census report would say about them. I know they farmed. The name was Annanias Christner. There are a lot of Christners in Neb. and I have talked to a couple,but I knew they would not be from him,but there was a couple that had 13 kids 2 generations back. Anyway, did not intend to get on my family history. They were and are great people. Later Sharon Drake