Steph: A little time for fun

The night before we arrived in Big Springs, Neb., our fields had received an inch of rain so we weren’t able to get to cuttin’ till Sunday afternoon. We unloaded equipment, threw em all in road gear and headed out to our field which is a good 15 mile trek out of town. The lines at the elevator are always wrapped around the elevator parking lot and sometimes all the way down main street so imagine my shock when I was able to pull right onto the scale today! Cutting was only able to go a few hours into evening with the straw being so tough and very little breeze. The yields were around 42 bushels per acre with test weights in the 60s.

Since we weren’t able to cut last night, we were able to take in some of the attractions of the great Ogallala, Neb. Our crew favorite we discovered a few years ago is the Crystal Palace Revue put on at Front Street. It is an old western musical complete with cowboys and can-can girls in the setting of an old saloon. We always find ourselves singing the songs for hours afterwards. If you’re ever in the area, it is a must-see!

Quote of the Day: “Use the forces, swing my saber, who’s your Daddy, Lord Darth Vader!” (This is a line out of the show at Front Street!)

SO-Ogallala, Neb.

The front of Front Street.

SO-Ogallala, Neb.

The mock gun fight that goes on outside before the show. One of the boys who played a cowboy in the show was also our waiter at Denny’s this morning! He recognized us as well so it was a fun exchange.

SO-Big Springs, Neb.

Dad unloads the grain cart from the trailer.

SO-Big Springs, Neb.

Dad explains the game plan to Brandon and I before we head out to the field.

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