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Another successful day of cutting for Osowski Ag. It was a bazillion degrees outside (more accurately 103 degress) so that made for getting in and out of the equipment a chore. Our yields were all over the board from 20s to 50s and anywhere in between. Test weights were in the 60s again though so it was good compensation. We had some guests in the field today as well! Our farmer brought his grandchildren for some rides in the combine.

Harvest tip: If you have to run another piece of equipment for awhile, bring anything you might need from your usual rig with you. Never know how long you’ll be stuck in the other one!

SO-Big Springs, Neb.

Brandon with his riders, our farmer Clinton and his grandson Porter.

SO-Big Springs, Neb.

Porter gives a wave from the combine.

Throughout our years of harvest, we have had the privilege to not only make friends with people in the towns we cut in but we also make friends with other harvesters! It has been said before but I will agree with the other correspondents when I say the people we meet make this whole business worthwhile.

SO-St. Francis, KS

This is Raegan. She is our farmer Randy’s granddaughter. She loves to dance and do gymnastics so we had ourselves a time when we went out to their farm to visit. We ‘whipped our hair back and forth’.

SO-Big Springs, Neb.

From left to right: Haley, myself, and Hillary. I have known these girls since they were in the stroller. My Dad makes it a point to bring up that he only remembers them that way. We used to spend our days running around the campground, making music videos and having ‘tea’ parties with Mountain Dew.

Flashback: When Brandon was little, he used to go to the farmer’s house with my Dad all the time. The farmer remembers him saying “well you have kids, you must have toys!” Not only would he ask where the toys were but he would ask a ton of questions. The next year, Brandon came to the door and asked our farmer if he remembered him. Our farmer said yes, you’re Mr. Inquisive. Brandon replies, “no, it’s Osowski.”

SO-Big Springs, Neb.

Brandon out in the field. He’s not so little anymore but he still is inquisitive!

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