All Aboard Harvest | Steph: Cutting complete in Nebraska
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Steph: Cutting complete in Nebraska

We cut some acres, we ran into green wheat, we found some more acres, we went back to the green wheat and now I am proud to say we have finished up all our acres in the Hemingford, Neb. area. Our yields averaged in the 30s, test weights in the low 60s and protein was between 13 to 15 percent. The 70 acre piece that we had left only took us an afternoon to finish so that gave us the rest of the day (which was ideal since the heat finally gives us a break towards evening) to get our equipment ready for the road trip home. The duals and a section of the ladder have to come off the combine so they don’t stick out too far on the road and tires on all trucks and trailers are checked and then checked again to make sure they can withstand the 900 miles back to the homeland. The wheat is said to be a couple weeks off so we will get a teensy break before we get back in the field.

While in Hemingford, Neb., we give our fuel business to Phillips west of town. The staff was very helpful to us when taking our duals off the combine. And they have a sweet Bobcat that they let me operate in the process. They are a family owned and operated business just like Osowski Ag. The chief (AKA: the Dad) out at Phillips is also named Bob, like my Dad, and their son Todd and I were making jokes about how sometimes when they tell us directions or demands that is makes no sense to us. We figure the language they use during these times must be ‘Bobinese’ which is why we don’t understand it.

Harvest Tip: There is never enough water around on these scorching hot days we’ve been having. Being above drinking out of a water hose is not acceptable.

SO-Hemingford, Neb.

Our last field in Nebraska for the 2012 harvest.

SO-Hemingford, Neb.

Wheat is so photogenic.

SO-Hemingford, Neb.

Dad and Todd pose by their handiwork.

SO-Hemingford, Neb.

Loading the duals into Big Purple for the trip home.

SO-Hemingford, Neb.

Check out that Bobcat! I had way too much fun.

SO-Hemingford, Neb.

Sunset south of Hemingford. Take it in.

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