Steph: Harvest begins in Nodak

Well folks, we’re back in the field again! Order has been restored. We were able to start this afternoon and go till 9pm this evening. Both of our combines are going again but home is just like everywhere else. The wheat is ready everywhere at the same time so we have each combine cutting for a different farmer. This is the norm every year we cut at home which makes it completely different from our harvest in the south where we all stick together. Splitting up always poses for inconvenience. For example, it never fails that equipment will break down at one field but the service truck is miles away in another field, leaving the broken down with very little tools and assistance. That example was only an example though, luckily it did not happen today. Our yields were in the 30s with test weights around 64.

Harvest Tip: Be flexible. Dad called me this afternoon to tell me that I was needed in the field ASAP. In ‘Bobinese’, ASAP has no urgent meaning because once I was ready ten minutes later, I gave him a call for further instructions and he says he’ll call me in an hour.

SO-Grafton, ND

He missed.

SO-Grafton, ND

Our farmer’s kids and I hanging out in the wheat. They never miss a day of riding in the equipment. From left to right: Alyssa, me and Zack.

SO-Grafton, ND

Feels good to be back in the field.

SO-Grafton, ND

Unloading. Our farmers around home all provide their own trucks for us during wheat harvest.

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