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The lovely rain this past Friday has halted harvest here in the Red River Valley. Till today that is. I am still combining by myself north of our hometown and was on the last 50 acre piece to finish before I could then reunite with the rest of the crew. Because of our nice little shower over the weekend, we actually had some soft ground to deal with. I found some mud that wanted to see what it was like in the header which led to me spending some time in there myself to rescue it. These rescue missions, along with green straw wrapping around all parts of the header occurred throughout the day making for slow going. It only lasted throughout the afternoon and then come evening, the going was fantastic.

The truck drivers were positive that I would not finish the field that evening and made fun of me and my mishaps. This only motivated me all the more and right before the sunset on the day, I proudly sing-songed over the radio that the field was complete. This is what happens when you underestimate a girl in a combine.

Our yields have been averaging in the 80s, protein between 14 and 17 percent, moisture around 12 percent and test weights in the mid-60s.

Quote of the Day: “I need to finish this field so you’re gonna have to come in here and feed me.”

Harvest Tip: Having warranty on your equipment is a beautiful thing. I had some glitches with my auto steer and the New Holland computer guru drove out to the field I was in to get it back on track at no charge.

SO-Grafton, ND

Cuttin’ away in our last field north of Grafton.

SO-Grafton, ND

This sugar beet will swell to almost twice this size. I will take an ‘after’ picture when beet season arrives.

SO-Grafton, ND

Giving my not-so-little brother a piggy back ride.

SO-Grafton, ND

Mama Loree’s cheesy enchiladas. My favorite meal in the whole wide world.

SO-Grafton, ND

Potato plant flowers.

SO-Grafton, ND

Another day, another beautiful sunset sky.

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