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Emma: On the Farm in Gregory

The Misener crew has had quite a week.

As most of you have read I recently lost my grandmother. After her funeral in Minnesota the family chipped in to take care of odds and ends. Once we had family things taken care of we headed back to Gregory, S.D. to finish up with harvest. We had the help of my sister, Katie, and Joel to make the move to Gregory.

To get ready for our next move all of our vehicles needed to be washed.
Joel and August
August and Joel got out the power washer and brush to start the job.

Martha, Lauren and Clara
Martha, Lauren and Clara got out the sponges and helped out too!

Having a little fun spraying the girls with water!
Of course when you’re washing vehicles, you’re gonna get wet! With the hot temperatures, the cold water was definitely welcome!

While the washing was going on outside, I was inside with Evie having a little fun of our own.
Evie pouring tea from Mrs. Pots :)
We had a little tea party with Mrs. Pots.

Evie and I

Tea Time!

Keva is the daughter of our farmer. She saddled up her horse, Cowboy, and gave the girls a ride of their very own. This was the first time they’d ridden, and although they were nervous they were excited.
On the Farm
(L to R) Martha, Lauren, Evie, Katie, Clara, the horse Cowboy, and Keva

Evie petting the horse
At first Evie didn’t want to ride, but once she gave Cowboy a touch and pet she smiled and laughed.



Lauren and Clara

Evie and I

the Crowleys
The Crowley family definitely enjoyed their ride for the day, thanks Keva!

We have packed up the campers and equipment to head to Dell Rapids, S.D. We will be seeing the Price family and help them out on the farm while we get our machinery ready for the fall harvest.

Be safe and God bless!

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