All Aboard Harvest | Steph: South bound and down
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Steph: South bound and down

StephTo anyone who has lingering doubts that we would ever leave for harvest, you no longer need to worry. Osowski Ag Service officially left home on June 8th, making it one of the latest departure dates we can remember. We always take the relatively same route every summer because we know that our wide loads won’t have any difficulties, such as skinny bridges or road construction.

It never fails that while we start up trucks and check over our trailers at the scale house, where we always park our caravan before we head out, we will have friends and family stop by and bid us final goodbyes. My grandparents wouldn’t miss it for the world. Ironically, we also seem to see some former hired hands that have accompanied us on harvest as well, waving us off and I’m sure wishing in the back of the minds that they were coming with. : )

Have you ever noticed the difference between a fountain Mountain Dew and one from a can/bottle? It sounds utterly insignificant but my mom and I will rave to you about how much better it tastes when it comes from a fountain. We stopped in a town yesterday in South Dakota and went to every gas station in town (which was only three, but still) and could not find a fountain that distributed Mountain Dew. Let’s just say we will remember that for next time.

Upon request, I was to correct everyone on something that I said in my intro story. I put in there that we have been family owned and operated for the last three years when in fact, we have been family owned and operated for the last 30 years. The last three years though, we have only brought down the family (Mom, Dad, Brandon and I) and no additional hired hands.


A visual of how far we have to travel from home to our first stop in Hobart, Okla.

SO-Grafton, ND

Brandon assisting Dad in the process of stacking on the duals onto the combine trailer for the trip south.

SO-Grafton, ND

Sticker on my truck!

SO-Grafton, ND

Talk about shiny hub caps!

SO-Grafton, ND

Those magnets are so much more convenient than bungee cords.

SO-Grafton, ND

The tradition continues, all the equipment parked at the scale house.

SO-Grafton, ND

SO-Grafton, ND

Annual crew photo at the scale house.

SO-Grafton, ND

Grandma Polly always comes to say goodbye!

SO-Grafton, ND

This photo was taken in 1995 and if you see below, Mom and I re-invented it!

SO-Britton, SD

Now here we are, present day, and the grain cart has a few hundred bushels more capacity but I probably only grew a foot or two!

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