Steph: One stop down, on to the next!

StephNEW_thumbnailOsowski Ag Service has finished and closed up shop in Hobart, Okla. for the 2013 harvest season. It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to our friends and farmers at each stop but as we all know, the wheat waits for no one! Mom and I had hoped that we would have to stay one more day because some friends of ours wanted to have a movie night once we finished cutting, so we were rather bummed as we pulled out of town this afternoon.

Even though our initial trip from home to our first stop takes two and a half days, the trips from stop to stop throughout the summer take mere hours. You blink and you’re there! Well not really, but it feels that way sometimes. We ended up taking a detour halfway through the trip on account of unexpected road construction on our route. Thank goodness Mom leads the way with the pickup and camper and saw the sign that announced there would only be one lane for traffic up ahead. We were able to jog over to a road nearby and only go a few miles farther west than necessary so it worked out swell.

Once we arrived at our second stop, Helena, Okla., Brandon and I set to work to unload the equipment and get right to work. We had a minor adjustment that had to be made to the header and after that, to the field we went! The humidity struck again though, making it difficult to cut and caused us to quit around 9:30pm. Our yields were in the mid-40s.

Harvest Tip: Backing up is tricky in itself. If someone is guiding you, make sure you and this person had a team meeting beforehand so all signals and terminology used will be understood.

SO-Hobart, Okla.

Brandon putting the ramps down on the combine trailer.

SO-Hobart, Okla.

Loading up the combine.

SO-Hobart, Okla.

Brandon snuck this shot while I put the cover in the windshield for travel.

SO-Hobart, Okla.

Brandon and I, proud of our combine loading accomplishment in record time!


Our convoy, parked roadside.


About to hit the road again!

SO-Helena, Okla.

The sign that welcomes you as you pull into Helena!


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