Steph: We came, we combined, we conquered

StephNEW_thumbnailOur time in Lyons, Kan. feels like it happened in a whirlwind. When we finished up in Helena, Okla., we loaded equipment, traveled here, unloaded equipment and got right back to work again all in the same day. Now, 4 days and 400 acres later, we are all loaded up yet AGAIN and looking to move to our next stop in St. Francis, Kan. in the next couple days. Yields stayed in the high 50s, test weights at 64 pounds, and protein from 9-10. Harvest is flying by, let me tell you.

I have been noticing a tire trend in the blog recently. It seems that almost all our AAWH crews have been having some type of tire trouble! Well, apparently our grain cart heard about it and not to be outdone, decided to flatten its own tire on the drivers side. Luckily we noticed this before we loaded it this afternoon and we were able to fix the problem before it got any worse. A hole as well as a bad valve stem were the source of our difficulties but are now good as new and ready to hit the fields again!

Even though this harvest thing is nothing new to any of us, a rhythm is something that doesn’t truly catch on till about our third stop, wherever that may be. This year, it has been here in Lyons. This rhythm I speak of is when everyone knows what needs to be done and we all do it well. Once we are all more comfortable with our roles, it also allows for everyone to be more loose which in turn allows for more joking around and other funny shenanigans to occur. If you were to drive by us while we are loading equipment, don’t be surprised to see one of us busting a dance move on a trailer or slinging tarp straps at each other. It’s all in good, safe fun!

Harvest Tip: Before loading equipment, tires on all trailers and equipment should be thoroughly checked before hitting the road again.

SO-Lyons, Kan.

From left to right: Our farmer Sheldon, me (Steph), Brandon and Vicki, Sheldon’s wife. They welcome us like family!

SO-Lyons, Kan.

Airing up the tire so we can move it in order to fix it.

SO-Lyons, Kan.

Poor tire needs some TLC.

SO-Lyons, Kan.

Busy little trucker! But it’s awesome, because that means the wheat is yielding well.

SO-Lyons, Kan.

I feel no post is complete without a sunset shot.

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