Steph: Back in the field!

StephNEW_thumbnailNo matter what end of the field we take a sample from, the wheat still hasn’t been quite ready to combine. We often make jokes that if we take enough samples to town, eventually we will finish the field. Once we realized it just wasn’t in the cards for us to combine, we made plans to bring our grain cart up to our next stop in Nebraska the following day. Might as well do something productive with our free time, right?

You know what they say about the best laid plans! Dad and I had went and visited with one of our farmers we cut for last year yesterday afternoon. Later on in the evening, the melodious ringtone of my father’s cell phone rang throughout the camper and low and behold, our visit paid off! He decided to hire us again this year and we could start first thing in the morning! Sometimes a little PR pays off. We were able to have a full day of harvest the following day. Our farmer and his hired hand are helping us out too, running a truck and the auger for the grain bin we hauled to. Our yields have been skipping around the scale, from 20s to 40s.

Quote of the Day: “This dirt is the kind of dirt that gets in places you would never expect it to get into.”

Harvest Tip: On one lane country roads, full trucks have the right of way.
So pretty.

What lovely countryside.

Such lovely countryside.

Here comes the Pete!

Heres come the Pete.

Dramatic arrival.

Dramatic arrival.

Didn't want the service truck to feel left out.

Didn’t want the service truck to feel left out.

Brandon unloads while Dad looks on.

Brandon unloads while Dad looks on.

Not sure Brandon even knows I took this photo..

I don’t think Brandon even knows I took this….

Crew photo! From left to right: Brandon, Bob (dad), Loree (mom) and Steph!

Crew photo! From left to right: Brandon, Bob (dad), Loree (mom), and Steph.

Time warp to a crew photo from back in the day!

Here’s a time warp of a crew photo from back in the day.

Showing off the backs of the shirt.

Showing off the “crew” on the back of the shirts!

So peaceful looking.
Combining right by the Colorado and Kansas border.

Combining right on the Colorado/Kansas border.

Dad in the combine.

Speeding right on by.

Speeding right on by.

Times have changed a bit. Our Peterbilt semi parked in front of one of our farmer's trucks.

Trucks have sure changed throughout the years. Here is a clear example, with our Peterbilt to the right and one of our farmer’s trucks to the left.

Our unloading setup.

The unloading setup.

Purple unloading.

Purple, unloading.

A little sunset meeting.

A little sunset meeting.

Keep up the good work, Kansas.

Good night to you too, Kansas.

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