Emma: Destination – South Dakota

Emma_thumbnailWe made it to South Dakota! Gregory, to be exact. We arrived around 2 pm, set up camp, then headed to Dell Rapids to pick up a combine. Every year we leave equipment in a shed over the winter in South Dakota. We do this not only to save on fuel cost, but for the safety of not being on the road, saving time to get to our destination because we can travel at night without the wide loads and the convenience of having our combines on hand and ready to harvest when we get there. For us, this is the best way to work as efficiently as possible.

While at Dell Rapids, we stopped at our farmer Dave’s house. He asked if we could lend a hand, so we decided to stay a couple days to help him out. The wheat and oats were not ready in Gregory. Here is a few pictures to show you what we did.

Emma: hay ride
Pickin’ up hay bales! I love the farm life. It’s an ever changing job, never knowing what you’re going to do next. I enjoyed our afternoon, especially since it was 65 degrees out. A nice change from the hundred plus degree temperatures of Oklahoma! Although I was rather chilly 🙂

Emma: hay ride
August grabbed the bales while I stacked.

Emma: hay ride
Dan drove the tractor with Leslie as co-pilot. He really enjoyed himself.

Emma: hay ride
Dave is more like family than just a customer. I really enjoy the company of his family. Sometimes it feels like we get more talking done than working, but let me assure you, we always welcome sleep at the end of a hard days work.

Emma: hay ride

Be safe and God bless!

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