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Steph: Home Sweet Home

StephNEW_thumbnailWell hello, North Dakota! After being at our final stop for almost 3 weeks, the city limits of our hometown were a beautiful sight. Between putting on concerts for my steering wheel and chomping on sunflower seeds, the trip flew right on by! The only issue we encountered were a few broken bolts on our trailer tire that we discovered during one of our routine rig checks.

Here are some typical driving conversation points that almost always come up while we are traveling the trail back home:

  • Discussing the hills and how hard it is to get enough power to get up them with the trucks.
  • Dad asking Mom what the temperature outside is periodically every half hour or so because the pickup is the only vehicle that has a temperature gauge.
  • Dad asking how much fuel everyone has, essentially planning ahead for when and where we will have to stop. We know where all the good gas stations are from home to the Texas border, whether it be for truck parking or good snacks.
  • Mom telling us what a ‘cute house that was on the left’ and then us all discussing what should be changed about it to suit each of us.
  • Anyone telling me when there are cows/horses along the road and asking if they talked to me as I drove by them.

Now today, the trailer is completely unloaded and cleaned and we are all happily back in our own rooms, loving life. The equipment is also unloaded and at the farm, getting some needed TLC (mostly getting washed) before harvest starts around here. Hurry up and…can you guess it? Wait. Some fields are grass green, some are just starting to turn and others haven’t even been sprayed with Round Up yet. Talk about a crazy year, huh? We are looking to start in a couple weeks.

Harvest Tip: If there is time between stop to stop, it is always a good idea to give your equipment some extra attention. They worked hard all summer, they need to be given some special treatment.

Sunrise as we drive into North Dakota!

Sunrise as we drove into North Dakota!

Got a little ways to go yet.

Got a little ways to go.

One of our fields that we will cut..eventually.

To be completely honest, I have never seen wheat in this stage before. I have been going on harvest since I was born and I have only ever seen wheat when it is ripe and ready to be harvested! When we get home, it is normally ready to go a week later at the most.

This one's a little closer!

A little closer but could use some sunshine. And maybe a rain.

Needs some sunshine!

Grass or wheat? I'll tell you. Wheat.

Grass or wheat? I’ll tell you. Wheat.

Brandon and Tony strike me a pose!

Brandon and Tony strike a pose! Tony drives truck for us out west.

Tires make good chairs.

Tires make great chairs.

My Grandpa Hiladore!

My Grandpa Hiladore!

Nailed it!

Brandon and I wanted a tire swing..so we made one! Simple and beloved farm fun.

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