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Steph: Always Something To Do

StephNEW_thumbnailAlthough rain has held up harvest since last Thursday evening, we have still been able to find, as dad calls them, “piddly jobs” to do. These jobs have consisted of spit shining the combine cab, tightening belts and chains, changing bushings on the engine fan pulley, and washing windows. Dad says we could wax the combine if Brandon and I wanted to, but that is something that we hope to put off until the end. It has been almost a week since we have been able to combine. Even though we have these piddly jobs, our restless souls cannot be tamed without the act of harvesting.

We have paid a few visits to the New Holland Harvest Support truck in these days out in the field for some parts here and there. While talking to the Harvest Support guys, they divulged that even though they are busy during days when the combines are rolling, they are often even busier during rainy spells. This is because harvesters take rainy spells to dig deeper into their machines and do extra maintenance to keep the machines in tip-top shape for times when harvest goes nonstop. We know all too well that the wheat waits for no one.

Today we were able to get back in the field, if only for an hour. We finished what was left of a field the rain chased us out of last Thursday. Once we moved to another field, we found that the ground was far too wet to get through. Our farmer uses no-till procedures so the ruts we would make in the fields would be difficult for him to maneuver through when spraying and planting.

Quote of the Day:  “You know where you’re going?”   “Nope.”   “Okay.”  – conversation between mom and I when making a parts run.

Harvest Tip: There is always something that can be “piddled” with during rainy spells.

Baby owls in the barn!

Young owls that Farmer Mike has in his barn.

Brandon sporting his new Harvest Support tshirt.

Brandon sporting his new New Holland duds; Harvest Support t-shirt and hat.

Brandon coming back to the field in the "Red Rose".

Brandon coming back to the field in the “Red Rose.” This truck belongs to our farmer, but Brandon is completely in love with it.

The wheat is dry, but the ground is just too wet.

The wheat is ready, but the ground is just too wet.

Parked, unfortunately.

Our New Holland and Farmer Mike’s John Deere, unfortunately parked at the end of the field.

You'd never know we have gotten 2 inches of rain recently by the looks of the ground.

Even though we have gotten almost 2 inches of rain in the past week, the roads are still dry.

Dad and Farmer Mike, conversing.

Dad and Farmer Mike conversing.

Beautiful Oklahoma countryside.

Beautiful Oklahoma countryside.

Proof that Dad spends time on his smart phone, just like "kids these days".

Proof that dad messes with his smartphone, just like “kids these days.” Busted!

Swapping tools.

Brandon swapping tools.

Finished with the tinkering Dad wanted done!

Finally finished with all the “piddly work” dad wanted done!

Water in the tracks. It's a nice sight in this drought!

The rain was welcome in this drought, but we are ready to get back in the field.

And now for a sunset montage.

And now, a sunset montage.


Puddles. A simple, yet rare beauty.

Can't get enough.

Good work. Oklahoma sky.

Well done, Oklahoma sky.

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