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Steph: Happy Harvest

StephNEW_thumbnailThe thing about rain is that even though it has quit, the side effects still continue to be a kink in our harvest plans. The wet ground is causing us to run into swamp-like areas throughout the field that we must avoid. These areas paired with the humidity levels make for a shorter day of combining than we would like. Regardless, we are happy to be back in the fields! We were able to harvest for 4 hours this evening and will be back in our routine come morning. The humidity hit 76 percent around 9:30pm, which never ceases to amaze us (mostly dad). As we hear him say almost every night, “this weather is NOT the Oklahoma weather that I know.”

Over the years, we have met a lot of other families that have chosen the hectic harvest lifestyle, just as we have. One of the crews we have gotten to know is Beck Harvesting, hailing from Weatherford, Okla. This morning our crew happened to go there for a brief parts run and were able to meet up with Beck’s for a quick lunch get-together. With a whole year of happenings to discuss, there wasn’t a shred of silence at the table. These connections provide some of our sweetest harvest memories.

Harvest Tip: Having extra fuel filters on hand is never a bad idea.

Got together with some harvest friends: The Becks!

Harvest friends! And special thanks to the wind for the sweet hairdos.  From left to right: Jesse, Steph, Murphy and Brandon. Great times!

Met these two when they were little tikes. From left to right: Jesse, me and Murphy.

Too much sass for the boys to handle. Murphy looks impressed.

Got started late and had to quit early.

Combining till the humidity kicks us out.

Final rounds before humidity haults us.

Mom getting her round in during supper.

Harvest with some wind turbines in the back.

Harvest at dusk with wind turbines off in the distance.

Look at the treasure we found! Be sure to keep an eye out, this sign will show up in random photos throughout the rest of our summer.

Look at the treasure mom and I found at a downtown store in Hobart, Okla. today! Keep an eye out for this sign. It will be making guest appearances in photos from here on out.

Beautiful full moon to end the evening.

Beautiful full moon to end the day.

All Aboard Wheat Harvest™ is sponsored by High Plains Journal and New Holland Agriculture. Stephanie can be contacted at stephanie@allaboardharvest.com.

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