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Steph: Oh, the Wind…

StephNEW_thumbnailThe song “The Wind” by the Zac Brown Band came on the the radio this afternoon on one of my elevator trips. It’s a catchy little tune but on days like the ones we have had, it is a friendly reminder that the wind will indeed blow, and there is nothing that can be done about it.  On the bright side, with this intense heat and humidity, lack of wind would make the days unbearable. I like to think my arms muscles will benefit from it since I have to work that much harder to tarp and un-tarp my truck. Also, the wind blowing the humidity around is how we are able to combine each day! We have seen tests weights in the low 60s with moisture staying the same, around 11 percent.

Big Purple had a slow leak in her tire that got fixed today. We were happy to find that it was simply a bad valve stem and not a hole in the tire. Thanks to the friendly help at the co-op in Jet, she is has a new valve stem and is back to roam the roads.

When there are any type of storms in the forecast, the rest of the family always knows that I will be the first one up. They will find me on the couch in the living room of the camper, TV on with the radar flashing. I am often on double alert and checking the weather app on my iPhone as well. Dad told me that there was thunder, lightning AND some rainfall around 5am this morning, and I didn’t stir one bit. I am going to consider this a tiny victory. However, it also means we won’t be hitting the fields till mid-afternoon on account of the rainfall and humidity.

Quote of the Day: “Every kernel counts!”

Harvest Tip: Check tires periodically throughout the day. Blowing a tire on the highway isn’t in my top-five list of favorite harvest activities.

Checking for leaks on the tire.

Checking for leaks on the tire.

It's always the inside tire that has to be the problem child.

It’s always the inside tire that has to be the problem child, making it necessary to remove the outside tire as well.

Putting the tire with the brand-spankin' new valve stem back on.

Putting our tire with the brand-spankin’-new valve stem back on.

Brandon harvesting.

There goes Brandon.

How I spend my down-time. I'm a sucker for Nicholas Sparks.

How I spend my downtime. Nicholas Sparks sure knows how to weave a good love story.

The co-op in Helena has the wheat price displayed, for your convenience.

The co-op in Helena displays the wheat price, for your convenience.

Beautiful sunset sky.

Beautiful sunset sky.

Big Purple in all her glory.

Big Purple in all her glory.

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