Harvest nearly complete in Texas and Oklahoma

Texas– Winter wheat harvest was nearing completion across the state. Rainfall slowed the harvest of wheat in the Blacklands, while weeds impeded progress in the Northern High Plains.

Oklahoma– Conditions of winter wheat continued to be rated 76 percent in poor to very poor condition. Wheat harvested reached 89 percent complete.

Kansas– Winter wheat conditions rated 28 percent very poor, 33 poor, 27 fair, 11 good, and 1 excellent.  Winter wheat coloring was 96 percent, near 97 last year and 99 for the five-year average.  Winter wheat mature was 84 percent, ahead of 80 last year, but behind 89 average.  Winter wheat harvested was 40 percent, behind 50 last year and 66 average.

Colorado– Spring wheat was 43 percent headed, compared with 65 percent last year and 52 percent on average. Winter wheat developed rapidly last week, ending with 84 percent of the crop coloring, up from 52 percent previously. This is ahead of a year ago and the average of 74 percent and 80 percent, respectively. Twenty-nine percent was mature (ripe), compared with twenty-one percent last year and 37 percent on average. Harvested winter wheat was at 5 percent of the total intentions last week, behind 6 percent last year and 22 percent on average.

Nebraska– Winter wheat conditions rated 6 percent very poor, 14 poor, 31 fair, 45 good, and 4 excellent. Winter wheat coloring was 78 percent, ahead of 70 last year, but equal to the five-year average. Winter wheat mature was 19 percent, ahead of 4 last year, but behind 26 average.

South Dakota– Winter wheat condition rated 0 percent very poor, 5 poor, 25 fair, 62 good, and 8 excellent. Headed was 97 percent, ahead of 89 last year and the five-year average of 94. Winter wheat coloring was 31 percent, well ahead of 3 last year but behind 38 average.

Spring wheat condition rated 0 percent very poor, 2 poor, 24 fair, 66 good, and 8 excellent.  Spring wheat jointed was 90 percent. Headed was 57 percent, ahead of last year at 48, but behind 63 average.

North Dakota– Winter wheat jointed advanced to 96 percent. Headed was 70 percent. Winter wheat condition rated 3 percent very poor, 12 poor, 37 fair, 44 good, and 4 excellent.

Durum wheat emerged was 96 percent, ahead of 83 last year and 87 for the five-year average. Jointing rated 34 percent, near 36 last year, but well behind 54 average. Condition rated 0 percent very poor, 1 poor,13 fair, 81 good, and 5 excellent.

Spring wheat jointed was 70 percent, well ahead of last year at 41, but near 66 average. Headed rated 14 percent, ahead of last year at 6, but behind 23 average.  Spring wheat condition rated 1 percent very poor, 2 poor, 14 fair, 67 good, and 16 excellent.

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