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StephNEW_thumbnailToday was another day when I asked myself at the end, “where did the day go?” The ideal harvest conditions have continued and we are taking full advantage of them. Our yields today were in the 40s, with test weights at 64 and 65 pounds.

These last couples days, I have been driving both our trucks. We have about a 20-mile drive from the field to the elevator so once I return with an empty truck, I grab my camera bag, tarp the other truck, and head right back where I came from. It’s funny because at the elevator, the workers have a preference of trucks. On Petey, the traps on the hopper bottom are tough to get open, so the workers draw straws when I come in with that truck. However, with Purple, all they have to do is open a door, and the hoist has buttons that control the ups and downs at the back of the truck on the side of box, so the workers get to sit back and relax!

On my trips back out to the field, the route I take always leads me past the city pool. During the prime heat of the day, it was absolutely packed, but I had happened to drive by during the break time. As I drive by, a line of four little boys lines up at the fence and pump their arms up and down simultaneously at me to get me to honk my horn. Of course, I obliged. I feel this act of getting trucks to honk is becoming a lost art so I was overjoyed to see it hasn’t completely died!

The Fresh Seven coffee shop in St. Francis, Kan. Talk about a hidden gem.

The Fresh Seven coffee shop in downtown St. Francis. Talk about a hidden gem.

I am a regular already.

I am a regular already.

One of my scale tickets from today. And the contraption that keeps them all together.

One of my scale tickets from the Bartlett elevator.

How they probe at the Bartlett elevator! Low budget and a good workout.

How they take samples at Bartlett! A low budget wonder and a workout.

Pretty clouds!

Pretty clouds!

Dale Moore of Stromsberg, Neb.

This is Dale Moore, haling from Stromsberg, Neb. He is an ex-custom harvester and makes a point to drive down to Kansas every year, just to smell the wheat harvest again. Him and his wife drove down and tried to find as many All Aboard crews as they could, being he is such a loyal All Aboard reader and wanted to meet the women behind the blogs. They went to the St. Francis Equity, knowing I haul there, to try and find me and were given directions straight to our field! It was wonderful to meet you and your wife, Dale, and I hope you have a safe trip back to Nebraska!

Burning the night oil.

Burning the night oil

Mom in the combine.

Using my night vision.

Using my night vision.

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