Steph: Trucking the Day Away

StephNEW_thumbnailYesterday began as a moving day. We were able to finish up the “crater” field and move 25 miles back towards Hemingford to reach our next fields. There must be something in the water around here because the dry land and irrigated fields are all ready at the same time. There is usually a little grace period in between.

We were able to finish the “crater” late Saturday night and had all three of our trucks filled up and parked in town for morning. Mom and the boys went out this morning to bring the rest of the equipment into town and I was given the task of dumping all three trucks. Between the lines at the elevator (this is one of the busiest elevators we see on the harvest trail) and an unexpected truck swap, I did not see the field till 4pm. Mom even brought me lunch while I was waiting in line! That bacon cheeseburger never tasted so good.

Our yields have stayed around 40 bushels per acre with the dryland we did today and 62-63 pound test weights.

Quote of the Day: “Why is nobody around when I do cool stuff?”

Harvest Tip: If you are unloading into a semi when finishing a field and know you can fit the remaining grain into one hopper, do that. Don’t spread it to both. It’s just common courtesy.

You might be a harvester if…you wash your pickup with your farmers irrigation pivot.

Mom, parked under the pivot for a free car wash.

Mom parked near the pivot, getting a free car wash.

So close to the elevator!

Only a mile away from the elevator. A truck driver’s dream.

Petey, looking pretty.

Petey looking pretty.

Sunset montage.

And a sunset montage. It would be odd not to have one.




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