Steph: Never Idle

StephNEW_thumbnailWhen harvesters get home and the wheat is still a couple weeks off, what do they do?

Other than go a little stir crazy, there is never a shortage of odds and ends. In the summer our front yard changes bi-weekly. At home, it remains the same and desires some tender love and care upon our return home. Out of the kindness of his heart, my grandpa Bob tends to the mowing of the yard while we are away, along with the yards of all the rental property my mom owns (bless his heart because that number has reached double digits recently). So there’s the undertaking of the front yard, the house (which is slightly larger than our 42-foot trailer and has been uninhabited for two months), and of course looking over and fixing the equipment to be certain the trip home didn’t cause anything to bounce out of place.

The copious amount of moisture our home area received this spring and into June was unreal. Anytime we would call home, it would have either recently rained a few inches or was in the process of doing so. Because of this, some crops in the area were drowned out. However, we are optimistic that the crops will pull through in the upcoming weeks! Between wheat, edible beans, soybeans, pinto beans and corn, Osowski Ag Service has a busy few months ahead of us!

Quote of the Day: “Didn’t we just leave for harvest yesterday?”

You might be a harvester if…you crane your neck while driving to check out other harvest action, or even any other farm equipment for that matter.

Some neat-ure.

Some neat-ure.

A little throwback! When us kids and Purple were just little tikes.

A little throwback to when Osowski Ag Service and Purple were a little younger.

Brandon was a magnet for mud puddles.

This is a little embarrassing for Brandon, but I told him I would dig through photos and find one of me too. He was such a magnet for mud as a kid! This was taken on the harvest run when we went to Highmore, S.D.

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