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Rollin’ forward

Helena, Oklahoma—I am overjoyed to report that Osowski Ag Service has been running strong for the past two days! It’s a tiny victory but we feel we need to harness the tiny ones in order for victories of larger stature to come along. It’s finally feeling like harvest time again. It seems that we have gotten all the bugs worked out of the combines for what we are hoping will be awhile (knock on wood).

With all the down time we have experienced recently, it has backed up our progress enough to where our next stop in Lyons, Kansas, has ripened and is ready for us. Our dealer has told us that because of this downtime, they will allow us to hang on to the donor combine for a while to try to make up for it and that our big yellow baby should be field-ready by noon on Wednesday. Dad has been tossing around the idea of sending Brandon and me up to Lyons to start combining with our big yellow baby while he and Mom stay down here in Helena with the donor to finish up the 200 acres we have left. Stay tuned for the outcome because the way Dad operates, plans change so fast that I don’t even waste my time trying to keep up anymore.

The straw we are combining is suitable for 80-bushel wheat but we have to report to Farmer Mike that the actual yield is only around 45. Still a grand outcome! The field we were harvesting today had a small tornado go through it this spring so the wheat is laying down some, but all in all it has done a fine job of pulling through the conditions it faced.  Test weights have been from 58 to 60 pounds consistently. The elevator in Helena has a sign visible while on the scale that shows the price of wheat. The price started at $5.06 when I took my first load of the day in and by my last load at 8:30 p.m., it was up to $5.22! Good wheat prices equals happy farmers and harvesters alike.

Quote of the Day—“It’s like trying to find your needle in a stack of everyone else’s needles.”

Stuff Harvesters Like—A full day of harvesting, breakdown free.

Old bins by the field.

Old bin near our field.


Windmill obsession is a real thing.

Comin' in hot.

Brandon in the combine.

Brandon with his head down, all focused and stuff.

Makin' dust.

Blowin’ dust around the corner.

Filled up.

Dad's office.

Rode a couple rounds with Dad today. Father/daughter bonding!

Header shot.

A header shot.

Tarping my truck for me!

Brandon tarped Purple for me! Brothers aren’t so bad.

Father/son chat.

A father/son chat.

Both Osowski Ag trucks at the elevator.

Both Osowski Ag trucks at the elevator at the same time. Pete scaling out, Purple getting unloaded.


Oklahoma skyline.

Oklahoma skyline beauty.

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