Lyons, Kansas—Short and sweet is what this stop was! Why is it that summer is the best part of the year but goes by the fastest? In the words of Red Dirt country singer Aaron Watson, “a little bit of summer is what the whole year’s all about.” (Check out the song, Wildfire.)

I don’t know if you’ve ever backed up a moving dolly before, but let me tell you, they tend to have a mind of their own. Purple and I haul the hopper bottom with the help of our Little Miss Dolly, so we have been getting acquainted the last couple years. Have you ever done something super cool only to look around triumphantly and nobody saw you do it and therefore won’t believe you did it? That’s how I feel when I can actually back up Dolly to the hopper bottom successfully on the first try. However, when I backed it up today, both Brandon and Dad saw me do it! It was a proud moment because I am not known for my profound ability to back up the equipment—it’s been a work in progress.

Farmer Sheldon here in Lyons averaged 57 bushels per acre on his crop! We will be heading to our fourth stop on the trail tomorrow (Tuesday) morning—St. Francis, Kansas. Even though arriving there means the summer harvest is halfway over, the general consensus of Osowski Ag Service is that St. Francis has become one of our most anticipated harvest stops. Dad harvested there “back in the day” of 1983 when he first began custom harvesting but we returned in 2009 and found work once again. It is one of those small towns where we always feel welcomed when pulling in and there are many harvest crews we know nearby that we get to see and socialize with while we are there. It’s what I like to call a “harvest hub”.

Quote of the Day—“Life isn’t just what you make it, life is what you run into!”

Stuff Harvesters Like—Tarp straps. You can never have enough tarp straps.

Waitin' on Purple again.

Donor combine and our big yellow baby waiting on Purple and me.

Gorgeous sky.

Dust just a-flyin’.

Dust hanging in the air.

Dust lingering in the air after the sunsets—sure needed a some wind to stir it up!

Stats (sorry for the glare).

Stats (sorry for the glare).

Making a few rounds.

I got to make a few rounds in the combine to make my day a little more interesting.

Dad and I in line together.

Dad and I at the elevator together.

Dad gives a wave while he untarps!

Dad throws me a wave as he un-tarps our blue Pete.

Cleaning out the combine!

Taking our tool box back from donor combine, she goes back to her (hopefully temporary) home at the Agri-Center dealership in Hutchinson, Kansas, today.

Getting ready for the move north!

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