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Changing ZIP codes

 Big Springs, Nebraska—The time has come to bid farewell to St. Francis! It’s always bittersweet but we were there for two weeks, which for a harvester feels like a decade. The best part of going around and paying our bills is not only seeing everyone just one last time, but the farewells are always followed with a promise of, “see you next year!”

The day we leave one of our harvest stops always feels like a whirlwind of activities. We fueled up all the trucks, loaded up the combine, hitched up the hopper bottom to Purple, took down the camper, paid our bills and hit the road before noon! The trip to our next stop, Big Springs, Nebraska, is only a couple hours away, so making it there was no problem at all. We pulled into the truck stop right along I-80, hitting the ground running. Everything we had all done up got reversed and we were headed out to the field once again. We got about 80 acres done yet this evening!

Brandon said the yield monitor was displaying a yield around 20 bushels per acre. Test weight was at 56 pounds. Around this part of the world, the sky seems to go on forever. This evening, we had storm clouds completely flanking our field. The funny thing about this gorgeous sky is that these storm clouds look as though they are near but they are actually miles away, raining on somebody else’s harvest parade!

Stuff Harvesters Like—Knowing you are traveling on a 100-degree day but being able to get to your destination without blowing a tire. Take that, hot pavement!

I should just build a house right here.

I should just build my house right here.

Brandon takes a moment to wave as he goes by!

She looks like a mean one.

She looks like a mean one. Didn’t rain much out of it though! We were able to keep on harvesting the following day, late afternoon.

Crazy lookin' clouds.

Last field of St. Francis!

Last field of St. Francis, Kansas!


Last few passes.Coming to unload.

Can you spy the combine?

Can you spy the combine?


Cleaning off the header for the trip north.

Cleaning off the header for the trip north.

Gorgeous sky.

I'll miss you, Kansas.

I’ll miss you, Kansas.

First field of Big Springs!

First field of Nebraska harvest!

Wheat.What a night.

Pink clouds.

Pink clouds.

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