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Tiger snooze

StephNEW_thumbnailGrafton, North Dakota—“What’s the date today?” This is a common question that for the last couple weeks I have not been able to answer. We have gotten into a routine around home so the day doesn’t really matter; I already know what I am doing regardless! It’s a comforting feeling, knowing what your days will consist of. I miss this feeling come winter when Purple and the combines are all cozy in the shed.

Osowski Ag Service is back cutting wheat! Barley was a fun change but in wheat fields is where I belong. It just feels good. The wheat has been doing great in our area, yielding between 50 to 80 bushels per acre with 55- to 60-pound test weights. We have been back in wheat for a little over a week and will finish up within the next couple days and then we might have a lull in activities until beans! Can you believe it?! Neither can I. Dad and I wanted to take a “tiger snooze” just because we had to wait for a train one morning so we are certainly looking forward to a little down time. But like I said a couple posts ago, harvesters never say die!

On my way to the field the other day, Dad phones me and tells me to head out to the field and then to jump in the service truck straight away to go refill our DEF tank. OK, sure, no problem. On the way out, he gets on the radio and asks how close I am, me being only a few miles south of his location. He then says he phoned the gas station to tell them I would be on my way shortly when all I can think is, “Dad, relax. The station is only a mile from the field. I’ll be there in plenty of time.” As I am pulling away from the field in the service truck and heading toward town, he gets on the radio and says, “Oh, you’re going to Drayton to get the DEF by the way.” I mean, only a minor detail since that town is 15 miles to the east. And Dad’s excuse for his mistake in directions, you ask? He said he thought it in his head but didn’t say it to me. The things I deal with, I tell you what.

Quote of the Day“With patience comes glory and creativity.”

Stuff Harvesters Like – Getting to take a little “tiger snooze” when the wheat is yielding through the roof and you have to wait on trucks. (We haven’t had to wait this long yet but I was daydreaming about it the other day!)

Swathing our last barley field.


Swathing was a fun change!

Sunsets and service trucks.

Drivin' grain cart with my buddy Zack!

Double NH trouble.

Sunsets and grain carts.Unloading.

Grandpa Bob in the grain cart!

A shot I took from the combine cab!

Took some of this gorgeous girls senior photos in her Dad's wheat field we were combining!

Long shot.

Not a bad view.


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