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The Extra Mile

Anthony, Kansas — After an unexpected rain that unexpectedly gave us a couple days off, we are back in the field and were even able to finish up our last field late this evening. We are ready to head to our next stop and I guess we won’t be as late as we thought. Harvest time around Lyons, Kansas, is just getting into full swing. However, we are now getting calls from Farmer Randy up in St. Francis that they are looking at starting harvest there close to the weekend. There’s something about being under the gun that gives this line of work the edge we all crave each year.

Our farmers are a father and son and they are your definition of “a slice of humble pie.” As we began to cut their fields, the hoppers were filling up before an entire round around the field could be completed. Peter and I could just keep up with trucks in time to keep the combines going. In response to these rapid harvest activities, these two respond with, “If our wheat could do 35 bushels per acre, we will be more than happy.” Not only did the wheat have an average of 63 pounds for a test weight, but it also did about 50 bushels per acre across the board.

You will notice that the photos I have been including in my last few posts have not included many human beings, only equipment or scenery. The reason is that we (individually and collectively) always look like a walking bead of sweat so we aren’t very photogenic for the time being. The humidity has lasted in the 80th percentile till early afternoon the last couple days. It’s quite something.

I would like to extend a shout-out to the staff at Farmer’s Co-op in Zenda, Kansas. They’ve been great our entire stay but last night, they went the extra mile for us. We were finishing up but at the same time, they were hoping to close up early and we all know how tough those early nights are to come by this time of year. Our two trucks were the only two trucks left hauling and the father/son team stuck around after hours and waited for us both to return with our last loads. We appreciate it!

Bread Count — 1,809,418 loaves

Quote(s) of the Day“It is impressively hot outside, I give Mother Nature credit.”

“63.5 pound wheat, isn’t that something?”

Zenda elevator.

The Zenda elevator.

Reminds me of The Jungle Book.

Reminds me of The Jungle Book.

A combine peeks through the trees.

Playing chicken.

Nice looking kernels.

Unloading some seed wheat.

Farmer Keith.

One of our last stops with red dirt.

My landmark to get back to the field—a baby windmill.

What time has done to windmills.

Harvest moon.

The guys at Zenda waiting for our trucks just a little longer so we could finish up.

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