Sweetwater, OK — As I have mentioned in previous posts we have had lots of riders in the field. The kids are all so different. Some come to ride for a few minutes before wanting to go home, others maybe a couple hours, and still others some cannot get enough. My nephew, Leslie, is one that cannot get enough, as well as my niece, Lauren, who seems to want to do nothing else! All the kids like coming to the field, but these two really have a passion for it! It is refreshing to see the same determination and drive you find in yourself, in others. Especially those of which are so young.

Lauren needs her own post! This little girl, or rather young lady of almost double-digit 10 is so much fun in the field. She is willing to do the ‘dumb’ jobs or the jobs that aren’t so much fun. Sure, she wants to do the grown up jobs, but is willing to be patient and wait for when the time is right. The other day we were a person short it seemed. The grain cart was on the other side of the field, causing the combine to have to drive clear across it to dump. This is silly. She climbed happily up into the tractor cab, was given a brief and thorough lesson in moving and stopping, safety and common sense, and before long she was off in the cart moving it in a timely fashion. She is amazing! She did so good and did everything exactly as instructed. I was so impressed that i felt she was ready to unload on-the-go! She did a fabulous job! There is always room for improvement, but that is how you learn. She did just as good as any hired man first day on the job. Good job, Lauren! You’re hired!

Emma:elk city and beyond

Emma:elk city and beyond

Emma:elk city and beyond

Be safe and God bless!

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