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Stephanie: Greetings, All Aboard fam!

I am reporting from good ol’ Grafton, North Dakota. Not to come out the gate whining but, man, is it saturated up here. I wish we could send some of this stuff down the wheat belt because, well … sharing is caring. Harvest is getting closer but not enough to cause a panic just yet. Here at True North Equipment, we are doing different trainings and walk-arounds with the shiny new 2021 HD40R header on the lot as well as a 2020 S780 combine to get everyone in the mood. Let us hope my speaking skills are as up to par as my blogging skills this coming Wednesday at our presentation.



It is looking like 3 weeks or so till barley harvest will begin and then another week from there before wheat. The planting season got a little pushed back on account of snow—no, seriously—so here we are. It is not that far off a normal year but no matter what, somehow someway all the crops get off.


Don’t you just love small town USA? The Cronje Family has been busy with work, but we have fit some play in. We have made it to the lake a few times and did some real camping over Fourth of July weekend. I am talking in a tent, making coffee over the fire, no power of any sort kind of camping.

Campfire coffee during our Fourth of July camping adventure. Pieter is an excellent camper, thank goodness for that.

We have fit in a few little trips here and there that usually include groceries and Cabela’s but otherwise during the week, we are busy with our jobs and keeping up with the regular day to day activities. And sleeping, sleeping is very important at House Cronje. Mom is always busy painting and landlady-ing her rental properties.

Mama Bear and I on her birthday!

Brandon is busy here at True North as well, always a piece of equipment at his station back in the shop. We get to poke fun at each other every day just like old times! I am sure our coworkers are thrilled by it. Dad is hauling methane out in the oil fields in western North Dakota, so he is gone for 10 days and then home for 10 days. Pieter has been doing maintenance on all equipment out on the farm from getting trucks DOT friendly to servicing combines to minimize downtime.

All the fireworks and heart eyes for this guy.

Y’all, we keep busy. This summer was something else though, given all the changes COVID has brought us. My only hope is after all this hullabaloo is over it teaches us all at least this one thing; time is fleeting. Spend it wisely and mindfully with whom you want and do not sweat the small stuff. Bake the homemade buns, push that load of laundry off till tomorrow, say no to something just because it feels good to stay home and be lazy, tell people how you feel, don’t overlook any opportunity and always give grace to others. OK, rant over—phew. It felt good though so thank you for bearing with me. Let us hope Mother Nature straightens up as well as … well, everything else. Stay safe and happy harvest!



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