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Janel: A fast North Dakota harvest (so far)

Northeastern North Dakota–We got moved up to our last stop on wheat harvest and got to cut for several days before we got rained out. We cut spring wheat that was yielding around 50 to 70 bushels per acre. The test weights were over 63 pounds per bushel and the protein around 15%. We also cut field peas and finished cutting them right before it rained.

A lot of wheat got cut in this area last week. Several harvesters are not here yet. We got here right on time and went straight to the field and had pretty good going until we got rained out. It’s been a fast North Dakota harvest so far. The conditions have been hot and dry here and it’s been an unusually fast harvest in North Dakota.

We had more combines on their way here from Montana but ended up getting hired to cut wheat and canola out in western North Dakota. There’s just a couple weeks of wheat harvest left. This week has rain in the forecast nearly every day. We will see what the weather does but I am getting rested up and am already anxious to get back in the field to finish cutting the spring wheat and then the canola afterwards. The canola in this area looks good and I’m ready to be back in the field!

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Cutting spring wheat in northeastern North Dakota on another smoky day.

Cutting spring wheat.

Cutting a quarter of spring wheat.

Cutting field peas and it’s the dirtiest crop to harvest.

Cutting field peas in North Dakota.

My combine shadow.  I love this time of day!

Harvesting field peas.

Finished the field peas!

We finished the field peas and now it’s time to switch the concaves back.

This is some canola I’ll cut. It’s really changed a lot in a week’s time from a green to gold color.

Check out the pretty moon to the east.

See the mud puddle to the left?  We had over an inch of rain but it’s been a drought here for months.


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