Christy: Helpful little hands

Working late nights, and waking up early trying to get as much done as possible.

Worthington, Minnesota—Harvest is moving along well. We are working in many directions, but getting a lot done. Beans are pretty well wrapped up, and corn is coming right along. Around Worthington, corn has averaged around 180 to 245 bushels per acre. We’re waiting on one wet field to dry a little and gain some test weight, then we should have that area finished here soon.

Over by Sibley, Iowa, corn is yielding around 220 to 240 bushels per acre. Conditions have been ideal, but I think we might hit some rain this next week. We also have some freezing temps heading our way. And … there’s mention of that frozen white stuff making its first appearance this fall possibly next Saturday. I really hope not, I hope it’ll wait a few more weeks.

This Sunday, the elevator Paul was hauling to by Sibley was closed. It gave Paul an opportunity to work on trucks, work on his corn head, and also install stalk knockers on his corn head. Zoey decided she wanted to hang with Dad after church, so she came over and helped put knockers together. It was a great time well spent for Dad and daughter to work together. Zoey even got a better understanding to how different parts of the head work from her dad.

Paul teaching Zoey about the 360 yield saver gathering chains he installed.
Zoey helped put together stalk knockers for Paul to install on his corn header this afternoon and couldn’t do it without rollerblades.

Around Roscoe, South Dakota, we have a crew working on corn as well. They are seeing around 190 bushel per acre corn. It’s been really dry in this area these last couple of years, so yields are doing well considering conditions.

South in Hartley, Iowa, corn is averaging really well at around 200 to 220 bushels per acre. Conditions have been good here as well, outside of a 4-inch rainfall the weekend before. It soaked right in, and they haven’t been making much for tracks. I think if we get much more rain this week, it could get a little messy in the fields.

Two combines working in Hartley. They have seen really great yields in that area this fall.

Harvest meals are hopefully as good as they were from the start. I started working on a potato side dish this last week, and to my surprise, I had a heart shaped potato. It felt like a good sign. If you’re in the market for some new recipes, I know the All Aboard cookbook is still available for a little while. There are some awesome recipes inside, so make sure you gets yours before they’re gone.

It was pleasant surprise to see a heart shaped potato. I hope it means good meals to come.

Overall, harvest is moving along nicely, and I think we could see most work wrapping in the next couple of weeks. That’s if Mother Nature doesn’t get too excited for rain and winter mix.

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