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One of the alligators we saw.

Loaded bales and ready to haul to the cotton gin.



Hi y’all! No matter where we are the weather hasn’t changed.
When we arrived in southeast Texas it was somewhat dry, so we were able to get to picking quickly. Well, that did not last long. Mother Nature was not on our side. It rained on ground that was already saturated. We sat and waited for the cotton to dry for what seemed like two weeks. Finally, it quit showering and the ground became dry enough that we were able to

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We all got together at Roger and Renee's for the day and then Mychal, the kids and myself headed to Duluth, Minnesota, for a mini vacation.
All of our employees have headed home for the holiday season and plan to be back at it right after the first. We have started our hiring process for the upcoming season and are hoping to get a few employees out a couple months before we head south.
Our fall run wrapped up fairly early this year, which had allowed us to get all of the

Ocheyedan, Iowa—The snow is falling tonight, and I'm thinking about all our adventures this year. So many great ups, and a few downs. Paul is on his way home from Lincoln, Nebraska, at a farm show representing U.S. Customs Harvesters, Inc. in this icy mess. I'm waiting up to make sure he makes it home safe.

Some of the best moments this year come from Montana. We saw a small pocket of excellent yields while picking up wind rows down in a valley by Loma, Montana. Our farmer there told us great stories of the area

Winter has arrived here in North Dakota. They were anticipating a big storm to hit our area so they called school off Thursday and, boy, did we get snow. I have heard anywhere from 14 inches to 16.5 inches. We spent most of the day at the farm doing year end paperwork and the cousins all had a great time with each other on their day off. We didn’t have school Friday because of Veteran’s Day so Bentley and Kyler finally got to get the snowmobiles out of the shed and hit the snow. I didn’t realize how much

Worthington, Minnesota—Christmas is right around the corner. It always comes so fast ,it seems, after harvest is complete. I should feel ready for Christmas, as harvest ended so early. Yet, I am not.
Right now, we are still working on getting settled up with all our fall harvest customers. We have our winter crew hauling corn for a local farmer and still getting everything settled in storage for the winter.
Meals are still made for the crew that's here. Rhonada and I worked out a schedule to feed our guys. Since Zoey has a lot of activities during the

Worthington, Minnesota—Fall harvest as a whole this year was quick and dry. We ended early, and thankfully so before the cold hard winter settles in. After sharing a wonderful Thanksgiving in South Dakota with Paul's brother, everyone is back home and back to work. Two of our winter crew have returned, and we expect to see two more back the first of December.

Yields this fall were better for soybeans than for corn, though they weren't terrible. As I've mentioned before, we saw a lot more devastation during wheat harvest due to drought conditions. As dry

Lindsey Orgain

Orgain Harvesting

Lindsey Orgain is somewhat new to the harvest trail.
She and her husband, Jason, have Orgain Harvesting in Cheyenne, Oklahoma.
It is the 11th season in the business, but it was in 2014, two years after she married Jason, that Lindsey decided to quit her job and come aboard full-time for the annual harvest journey.

Brian Jones

Jones Harvesting

For 35 years, Jones Harvesting, based near Greenfield, Iowa, has made an annual trek from Oklahoma to North Dakota, harvesting golden fields of wheat for farmers who have become like family to the Jones family.

Tracy Zeorian


Tracy Zeorian has followed the ripening trail of wheat since she was 12 years old.

Zeorian’s grandparents, Elvin and Pauline Hancock, had been making the annual harvest run from Texas to Montana since 1951.

Janel Schemper

Schemper Harvesting

Janel Schemper was 6 months old when she made her first harvest journey.
“Harvest for me is a way of life,” the third-generation custom cutter said.
Schemper Harvesting, based in Holdrege, Nebraska, goes back more than a half-century, started by her grandfather.

Laura Haffner

High Plains Harvesting

For Laura Haffner, there is not a better way to see the Great Plains.

She and her husband, Ryan, have High Plains Harvesting based in Park, Kansas. The couple, along with their two young children and a crew of about a dozen, travel from Texas to the Canadian border to harvest wheat, canola and peas.