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Welcome back to the All Aboard Wheat Harvest blog!

All Aboard will be making a few changes this year. We have a new sponsor, Syngenta but we'll have the same coverage of wheat harvest you've come to expect. Syngenta is one of the world's leaders in agriculture and we welcome them aboard.

In 2012 we'll be bringing back Jada, Emma, and Megan. We'll also see the reins passed from Jenna to younger Zeorian harvesters Taylor and Callie. Stephanie Osowski will join the crew this summer, and we'll follow the North Dakota based Osowski crew as they move from Oklahoma to North Dakota.

Fall harvest has started for the Misener family! We are on day three of cutting and the soybeans are looking good. We do see green stalks here and there, but we're running through the acres nicely.

My Aunt Sonja and cousin Lee have joined us to help out. Sonja is running one of our combines, and has in the past. Lee was here for a couple days before going back and will come back next week when he can get off work. We really do appreciate all their hard work, and of course we love spending time with them.

Here's a few photos from our last three days.

The first field of beans in 2011. Dan is setting the combine to soybeans. The combine has a particular setting that is different from wheat because the seeds are different sizes. Finding those setting can be a challenge.

We've been staying right on our farmer's place in Rock Rapids. It's in the country and we're parked right next to fields of corn and soybeans. These particular fields aren't what we'll be harvesting, but it will give you an idea how close harvest is getting.

It's likely we'll be done with our soybean harvest before we get to the corn. Dan thinks we should be able to harvest at least by the end of the week, but I think we'll be testing as early as tomorrow. We are crossing out fingers and hope that we will be harvesting soon and that it will be just as good as last year. Let's just hope the weather stays nice. Fall harvest will be complete before we know it.